Hank and Bean is a culinary and conceptual partnerships by Henry Fischer and Anna Rose Hopkins.

We cater to a broad demographic and palate here in Los Angeles.

We are devoted to a 360 approach to cooking and eating, and so we work to foster relationships with local producers and artists who help us shape our evolving narrative.

We are committed to the exploration of sustainable food production in an era of climate change, knowing we can always do better and more.

We are committed to supporting the work of organizations who prioritize access, human rights, climate justice, food justice and inclusivity. Towards that end, we make ourselves readily available for benefits, galas and fundraising efforts! Please reach out for more information and partnership opportunities!

We believe that food is a dynamic concept. Our approach involves cultural anthropology, science and sometimes food science.

We strive to highlight the origin stories of our dishes, and we are engaged in an ongoing dialogue about appropriation, gentrification and commodification. We stand on the shoulders of centuries of food technology. We are not reinventing any wheels, but rather looking to the past, present and future for new ideas and contexts.


Henry and Anna met in the kitchen. Anna's eager curiosity (and unconventional sense of humor) caught the attention of Henry, who was executive sous when Anna arrived. Over the following two years, Henry and Anna - two non-native transplants to California - spent many precious off-hours exploring the incredibly textured landscape of Los Angeles with food and conversation.  HANK AND BEAN is an evolving reflection of their time in and exploration of the city both now happily call home.



Professional Expertise meets Intuition and Market Saavy.

Chef Henry Fischer by Robyn Von Swank, 2018.

Chef Henry Fischer by Robyn Von Swank, 2018.


Born in Köln, Germany, Henry began his culinary journey as a young man, first carrying bags of flour and cutting dough at age 10 for a local baker.  Henry has more than 20 years of world-class industry experience.  Having trained, studied and worked in Europe, Asia, and the continental United States, Henry has honed his passion and skill in many of the globe's foremost institutions of the past and present.

For a number of years, Henry has been cultivating an array of high-concept, site-specific products that encompass a broad survey of both ancient and forward-thinking techniques, including methods of preservation and modification.  

Chef Anna Rose Hopkins by Robyn Von Swank, 2018.

Chef Anna Rose Hopkins by Robyn Von Swank, 2018.


Anna Rose began her culinary path cooking for private clients, start ups, corporate entities and art institutions in NYC and the Hamptons. In 2015, Anna relocated to Los Angeles where she began a tailored chef service focusing on Paleo, Keto, Cancer Combative and Postpartum Nutrition before partnering with Henry in 2017 on HANK AND BEAN.

With a background in narrative performance, Anna expands her passion for food creating site-specific, conceptual dining experiences in collaboration with various artists. Such events have been hosted / produced by Boston University (MA), RICE University (TX), the Barbara Seiler Gallery (Zurich), PST LA (a Getty Initiative) and UCLA LENS at the Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden.