Diversity is both our beginning and our end goal, from plant biodiversity that supports healthful, functioning ecosystems to regional cultural diversity that expands the appetite for food and connectivity.  This diet supports diversity in agriculture as well, favoring the small, mindful agriculture projects over the big agricultural institutions. This plan not only aims to nourish your individual person, it aspires to connect your person to the totality of place.  In practice, that means you won't find beef on the menu. Instead we will offer goat, rabbit, turkey, and chicken - all smaller animals that reach maturity more quickly than a cow and require far less water and feed to raise. It means you won't find salmon on the menu, because the environmental impacts from wild-catch to aquaculture are too great as it is, and our global appetite for that one variety of sea life is throwing the balance. It means you WILL find an exciting variety of seasonal plant, mindfully sourced legume and grain, small batch dairy and ferments and preserves in addition to a 33% offering of animal protein in each delivery.  Please inquire to see if this *NEW* plan is right for you!


Hank and Bean works within the restrictions you or your nutritionist or doctor imposes.  For Paleo eaters, Hank and Bean focuses on responsibly sourced meats and vegetables, avoiding legumes, soy, dairy, refined sugar and additives. For Ketogenic clients, Hank and Bean eliminates all starches and sugars to encourage ketosis.  For our Vegan clients, we work with an array of nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables to create vitalizing dishes that cover all cravings. For our Vegetarian and Gluten Free clients, we have a thorough and diverse repertoire from which to draw.  We make available all ingredients and a complete nutritional analysis for the dishes you enjoy, so that you may exert maximum control and have total understanding of what goes into your food.



Hank and Bean draws from the traditions and rituals of Southeastern and Central Asia (particularly  Chinese Confinement and Ayurvedic dietary prescriptions) as well as from popular Western practices for this most delicate and amazing time in a mother's life.  We believe that the first few months after giving birth should represent a time for the mother of replenishment and revitalization. We enhance our foods with lactation-promoting herbs, spices, seeds, grains and legumes. We provide a steeped tea with every delivery and nourishing sweet foods to satisfy and soothe.  While this service is available on an ongoing basis, we are happy to produce an abridged version suitable for gifting!


Hank and Bean creates colorful and imaginative meals to encourage healthy eating patterns.  In tandem with other delivery options, we can provide packed lunches for children of any age.